Entrepreneurs In This New Decade Need To Be Organizational Architects

As I was researching for this piece, I came across an article at entrepreneur.com that speaks clearly to the needs of the business owner as we create and move into the future. Anyone starting a business now is going to be guided by different motives since the pandemic and now civil unrest is changing the landscape forever.

As the entrepreneur.com article points out, “We have entered a new decade on unprecedented terms. While social distancing and this pandemic will pass, the behaviors that successful leaders demonstrate in these times will leave behind lessons that define this decade. The companies that make it now will be cut from a different cloth — one that is more frugal, adaptive, and long-term oriented. And the leaders who bring these values to their organizations will be the ones who survive to shape business and entrepreneurship in the years to come.” https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/350799


More Than Ever Business Takes Teamwork

I love the John Maxwell quote, “It takes teamwork to make the dream work.” If you are stepping into the business arena today you will, out of necessity, need to build a team that will help you maintain balance in every aspect of your life. Business, a family, mental, physical and emotional health, every component of your life will be integral to long-term success and you cannot ignore one area. This makes building the team you surround yourself with your number one objective.


No Business Can Be Dependent On A Single Individual

The article I mentioned says it very well. “Any organization that aims to survive the long haul cannot be dependent on any one individual. Since the successful leaders of the 2020s will have to possess the long view, they will, in turn, have to place great focus on architecting organizations that transcend any single individual — especially themselves. They recognize that the ultimate “product” they’re building is the organization itself, which should be capable of making excellent, marketable, and profitable products for years to come.”


I agree wholeheartedly with these statements. In fact, a key component of my business consulting program includes identifying what gaps might exist in the organization and how to align the team so that they can collaborate and stay focused on the corporate mission. We all know that different people have different skillsets, but people also have different passions and perceive the world in very different ways. When the team members work in harmony toward a goal, understanding how to draw from everyone’s strengths and skill, the company flourishes.

More often than not, I have to convince my clients and prospective clients that hiring trained professionals like attorneys, accountants, sales and marketing consultants are crucial for any business’ long-term growth. That doesn’t mean you have to hire full-time employees for every position, but outsourcing key tasks to professionals, even if only for periodic check-ups helps your business grow more comfortably and sustainably.


The Strategy To Build And Improve

Starting out with a success mindset and a solid business foundation means that you are developing a strategy from the get-go about how to build and improve your business as you continuously improve yourself. Are you ready to become a business leader who helps create and establish the vision for future generations? If you would like to learn more and get help establishing personal and business practices that will bring balance and success to your life, give me a call. I can help.