How To Help Your Business Work Better As A Team: Outsource, Delegate, Ask

One thing I’ve noticed that many, if not most entrepreneurs have in common is the “I can do it all” trait. That trait goes hand-in-hand with the confidence and work ethic necessary to start a successful business. However, another thing I’ve noticed in my work with so many entrepreneurs is that if they are determined to hold on to that trait too long, they won’t get very far. This kind of determination leads to bottlenecks in the business and it creates imbalance in physical and mental health.


Owning a business or starting any kind of group or organization that you want to grow securely cannot be done single-handedly. Growth and longevity require mental, physical and emotional balance. You must be willing to outsource, delegate and ask for help to grow your business which means you must learn how to build a supportive team.


Before you begin a marriage, a family, an organization or a business, you should keep close track of the status of your own internal and external reality. You must recognize the true status of your skills and resources in order to map out a long-term strategy that will take you in the direction you want to go. Understanding your own skills and resources helps you identify the areas you should improve and the skill sets and personality types you will need in the people you bring onto the team.


Every successful entrepreneur who scales their business needs to be willing to outsource responsibilities when necessary and transition from “solopreneur” to team leader. Every team leader must be willing and able to delegate responsibilities to trusted team members and ask for help when feeling overwhelmed. And, believe me, there will be many moments of overwhelm.


Maybe you started on a solid foundation but have faced challenges adapting to remote or online work, or maybe you jumped into a new business without creating a solid foundational footing. Most business owners face emotional challenges and “growing pains” at some point during the life cycle of their business. Building a solid foundation by maintaining your personal wellbeing and creating a roadmap for your business growth is the only way your business or organization will achieve sustainable growth. If you have arrived at the point of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to proceed, reach out to my company for support.  We have helped many business owners reassess and recover from near failure by providing holistic support for business owners.