Tough Times Show You What You’re Made Of

This pandemic has business owners wondering if they’ll still be viable once we get to the other side of it. Businesses of every size are being affected. And those that are in their infancy, well, they may or may not make it out of the gate.

Historically, the toughest of times are when many people dig deep into themselves and determine not to be deterred. So, how is the challenge of COVID-19 affecting your determination?

Are you the kind of person who is inspired by challenges? Are you determined to keep going, NO MATTER WHAT? Do you have an idea for a new product or service that you believe in so deeply that you simply cannot think about anything else until it sees the light of day?

Some people will launch a business during this pandemic and succeed wildly, while others will bemoan their bad luck and fail miserably. The only difference between the two is their mindset. And, if you’re going into business, you must have a mindset that enables you to adapt to challenges that come your way with determination and flexible thinking. The notion that mindset is at least as important as skillset in high performance is not new-age nonsense. Sound scientific studies support and demonstrate that achieving ultimate levels of career success depends upon harnessing the power of the mind and living a balanced lifestyle – not upon working 70-80-hour work weeks…

If you are willing to embrace challenge and change, you have a greater chance of succeeding. If you are adaptable, patient, align yourself with the professionals you need to address areas of your business that are not your specialty and prioritize your mental and physical health, chances are you’ll rise through this pandemic victorious.  You will find more opportunities for growth and more people eager to support your growth if you harness the power of your mind to maintain positive momentum.

Like all challenging times, there will be those who survive the bumpy ride and thrive and those who don’t. Good luck to you all. And, if I can be of help, do give me a call. My company helps business owners unlock a high-performance mindset and strategically grow their business with sound legal and business practices.