Preparing Yourself And Your Business For The Post Pandemic Climate  

COVID19 has brought life as we have previously known it to a bit of a standstill. Many of my clients describe feeling disoriented, losing track of time as if we are all on an extended pause.

For those of you who were in the early planning stages or had recently launched a business, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to continue pursuing your business dreams. Well, one thing I know for certain is that dreams fueled by true passion can withstand any challenge. We don’t know exactly what the outcome of this global health challenge will be. However, we can count on a few things that will remain constant.


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Business

During this time, while your business may be on hold or merely hanging on, there are many things you can do that will serve you in the post-pandemic climate. Most importantly is having a daily practice or routine that cultivates a healthy mindset and a healthy body. That includes following the protocols established for social distancing and washing your hands frequently.

As we are all learning from COVID19, our health truly is our greatest wealth. When you make your well-being your highest priority you can take care of your loved ones and your business better. And, when you make your well-being your highest priority, your mind and skills can become laser-sharp, so you can make more money.


Make Your Well-Being Your Highest Priority

I’ve compiled a list of ideas that may be helpful as you navigate through the pandemic and well after it has passed. They are ideas that when incorporated into life habitually will ensure sustainable personal and business goals. Try each of them to see how you can incorporate them into your daily life now. By the time we are all back into a new normal, you’ll be ready to see how well they will serve you.

  • I choose to make my personal well-being a priority. When I take care of myself first, I have more time and energy to devote to the people I love. Therefore, I carve out time for myself and protect that time.
  • I am in good physical condition because I choose to make choices that support my healthy lifestyle. Because of these healthy choices, I am fit and full of energy to offer others. I ensure that I get enough rest to be adequately prepared for the day ahead. Only then do I embark on satisfying the requests of others.
  • When I begin to feel overly stressed, I remember that I must tend to my personal well-being. I take a moment to relax and figure out the most efficient method of going about my responsibilities. I respond to stress by seeking the option that nourishes me best.
  • Sometimes, I must rely on others to help me. I am comfortable asking for help when I need it. I delegate tasks and routinely enlist the aid of others to lighten my load. Because I’m comfortable asking for help, my load is lighter, and I have more to give others in return.
  • I delegate and outsource tedious tasks to free my time to pursue what matters most to me. When I pursue my passions, I am happier and everyone around me is happier, too. The process of delegating and outsourcing tedious tasks allows me to regain hours of productivity each week.
  • Today, I dedicate a few minutes to myself. I choose to maintain both my physical and mental health. Indulging in a little “me” time is the best remedy to stress.


Entrepreneurs Are The Backbone Of The Nation

 Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the nation. Don’t give up on your dream. Establish a healthy mindset and a healthy body and soon you’ll be contributing to the rebuilding of our economy.