Helping Small Business Owners Become Legally Strong


Many new business owners today are hobbyists who followed their dreams into a business. If you have entered a business venture this route, chances are you may think you’ll be able to avoid legal issues or solve them on your own as they come up. I would strongly urge you to reconsider this way of thinking.


I am passionate about helping micro- and small-business owners become legally strong. These types of businesses are the very backbone of our communities. As corporate America is going through some not-so-pleasant growing pains and more people are, through necessity jumping into their own businesses, small business owners need to be aware of and know how to negotiate the legal pitfalls that inevitably arise and cause so many unprepared business owners to fail.


My firm offers several tools to identify the current state of your micro- or small business, to understand your level of compliance and risk management, and to help you unlock your potential by building systems and processes. That might sound complicated, but I assure you it isn’t. My mission is to create a strong foundation for your business that can propel you on a more successful trajectory. I would like to arm you with the basic tools you need to grow and protect your business with minimal attorney interaction – and on an only-as-needed basis. This way you can dedicate your time to your highest income-producing activities.


Becoming legally strong is important for every business owner, especially those that jumped in without a tremendous amount of advance planning. You don’t have to face legal issues alone. Being unable to deal with legal issues when they arise is one of the biggest reasons so many small business owners don’t make it. You might be small, but you can be legally strong with a minimal amount of the right legal support. Give me a call today and let’s make sure you are legally strong.