Certified Business Coach, Licensed Attorney and Best-Selling Co-Author, Jennifer Anderson, Helps New Business Owners Stay In Love With Their Businesses.

Certified business coach, licensed attorney and best-selling co-author, Jennifer Anderson, recognizes how frequently and for what reasons hobby-turned-businesses fail and assures readers that starting out on the correct legal footing with eyes open to opportunities as well as potential threats will help them stay in love with their businesses.


San Antonio, TX – February 16, 2020 – Jennifer Anderson, attorney, Business Coach and co-author of The Art Of Success with Jack Canfield, posted a new blog on her company website entitled When You Want To Stay In Love With Your Hobby-Turned-Business, in which Ms. Anderson suggests starting out well prepared.


Anderson asks, “Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to take the hobby you love to a new level and turn it into an actual for-profit business? Did you resolve to start your business correctly and legally? Did you also decide that you would proceed step-by-step, facing whatever challenges should arise as they arise?” She continues adding, “If that is an accurate description of your process, I want to congratulate you. You are in the minority!”


According to Anderson, “So many people start acting as if their hobby is a business without doing any of the legal work or research into how to create a business.” She further elaborates, “I know because I’ve helped numerous “micro- and small business owners” untangle legal messes that they’ve gotten themselves into because of lack of proper preparation and foresight. By the time they get into trouble, the love they once felt is diminished if not demolished.”



Read the entire blog at http://jenandersonconsulting.com/2020/02/14/when-you-want-to-stay-in-love-with-your-hobby-turned-business/



About Jennifer Anderson

 Jennifer Anderson is a licensed attorney and certified coach, certified practitioner of neurolinguistic programming, certified hypnotist, and certified Timeline Therapy practitioner.

Both as a student and as a consultant, Jennifer has trained in enhancing performance and productivity in all areas of life for more than 20 years. She has dedicated her career to helping clients solve problems, overcome limitations, and achieve success in their personal and professional life.

After graduating from University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston Law Center, Jennifer has dedicated her legal practice to assisting entrepreneurs with their business, real estate, and estate planning needs.